Breeding Tools

We are firm believers in technology. As with all areas of our operation we choose to use technology that clearly offers assistance to ourselves and our clients. Observant clients will have noticed that there are certain technologies that we have not adopted in our stud, while some studs have used them heavily as marketing tools. We take our role as seed-stock producers seriously and we have always chosen substance over hype in our breeding program.
We weigh all calves at birth, as well as 200, 400and 600 days of age. We also ultrasound scan all bulls and females. Importantly we run these cattle in large management groups and one of the best outcomes for bull buying clients is that they can have faith in the accuracy of data from our Stud.
There is a genuine passion and belief in what we do and how we do it. We also have placed enormous emphasis on fertility over many generations, and our consulting vet who is exposed to our entire operation through pregnancy testing and our regular semen and morphology testing of all bulls as well as a number of our clients continues to be impressed with the fertility levels in females and bulls. Any female in our stud that do not perform by means of providing a calf every year, is sold for slaughter. It is a result of our balanced breeding program and constant pressure to perform over numerous years that gives us and our clients confidence in our cattle.
The fertility results are achieved in real commercial conditions, and we think this is important. Some herds quote fantastic fertility rates from cow herds that have calves weaned off early, or fat and on highly productive improved pastures or silage and grain assisted. The results we achieve are from cows that are run at higher stocking rates than most, and body condition varies greatly with the season.

Breeding Objectives

We have chosen to concentrate on several areas in particular.  The first is ‘birthing and maternal’.  Almost all of our females have below average birth-weight estimated breeding values (EBVs), many combining this with a gestation length several days shorter than average.  We aim to give our buyers as much confidence as possible that bulls (or females) purchased from our Stud, will create fewer calving difficulties than average.
We are also convinced that, particularly in current conditions, excessively high mature cow weights are to be avoided.  This is the best indicator thus far, for feed efficiency (EBV) which we believe will assume greater importance in years to come.  It is not necessary to sacrifice growth in order to achieve this.
Coetzer Angus aims to produce structurally sound, fertile, quiet cattle with the genetic potential to increase long term profitability. Cattle are run in large contemporary groups so that genetic differences can be measured.  Data is collected for traits such as calving ease, fertility, growth and carcass quality. Prior to the mating season, every female is visually assessed for traits such as structure, temperament, udder evenness, teat size/shape, constitution, breeding performance etc.
Since the commencement of the stud operation, most of our bulls have been sold to local cattlemen with many of the sales being repeat business. In recent years bulls have also been purchased by producers with large lines of females on the road and who require high fertility, well balanced bulls with structural integrity.